These Small Investments Are Suitable For College Students

For those of you who are still students, there is no need to worry about initial capital to start investing. It’s because some investment instruments can be run even if only with minimal capital. This certainly would be very suitable for beginners, especially students who are just going into the world of investment, and they still need to learn about capital asset management.

There are several types of investments that you can try, including:

Precious metal

This investment is quite popular, especially for those who want a more flexible investment. Precious metals you can get in several sizes, ranging from large (100 Gr) to the smallest (0.5 Gr).

With precious metals, you will also be free to start with relatively small capital. Other benefits also, precious metals, including one of the investments with stable prices and tend to increase prices every time. That is, running a precious metal investment is safe enough for beginners like students.

Mutual Funds

The investment profit potential in this mutual fund is indeed quite large, but of course, it is worth the risk that will also be faced later. The initial capital deposited in mutual funds will be managed by an investment manager. Where the capital you invest will be distributed to several different products.

This was done to reduce the risks faced could be lower. Make sure you choose the right investment company from the beginning, where the company already has a reputation and can be relied upon.

P2P Lending

Investments that are currently popular and much in demand are Peer to Peer Lending or P2P Lending. You can make this investment as an initial choice because the capital is fairly light. In the system, you will act as a party that lends capital to other parties, for example, business owners of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) through the platform.

From these activities, you can get a number of benefits in the form of interest up to 20% as a result of the investment. This loan process does not use collateral, so it has substantial risks. That is the importance of choosing the right company and understanding the various policies that they apply from the start. This will give you the opportunity to manage various risks in your investment.

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