Do You Get Goosebumps When Hearing Certain Songs? This Is A Sign You Have A Special Brain

How to become a music producer is a common question for people who want to create songs and can be listened to by people. However, have you ever listened to music that suddenly makes you shudder? Because it is very good home music production, the music touches your heart and for some reason makes your feelings mixed. If ever, it’s a good sign.

The chill experience of listening to music is very rare, and not all music can give a unique sensation like this. A researcher who has graduated from one of the best universities in the world tries to analyze people who are shivering when listening to music and what causes this.

He analyzed 20 students, 10 people who felt goosebumps heard music and 10 did not get goosebumps heard music. From the results of his analysis, he tried to do a brain scan to see what was happening in their brain.

Researchers found that those who experienced emotional and physical effects (goosebumps) heard music had a different brain structure than people who had never heard of music.

Research published in this journal reveals that those who are chilled to hear music tend to have denser brain volume fibers that connect the auditory cortex and areas that process emotions.

In other words, if you get goosebumps and feel your heartbeat faster, you are the type of person who has strong and deep emotions. The emergence of certain feelings towards the music that is heard, one of which can be triggered by memories or memories of the past that can be related to the song.

And this can’t even be controlled, when you hear a particular song, you automatically feel ‘something is different’. So, when you like a particular song and feel goosebumps or suddenly upset, this is natural. Because it turns out you have hearts and feelings that are easily touched. And this makes you more ‘human’.

This is a mission for everyone who wants to become a music producer because, with the songs they create and can get the response as expected, it means they can get their true audience.