These Are World-Famous Dangerous Magic That You Must Avoid

In general, the people of Haiti and West Africa strongly believe and consider magic as a sacred science and must be respected. One of the most famous magic in their spirit is “Voodoo”. It is capable of harming people from far away, and it’s related strongly to the nasty kind of sacrifices. Meanwhile, if you feel like someone has put a curse on you, we suggest you remove black magic right away.

Apart from Voodoo from Africa, Lamia is the cruelest and painful magic used by Gypsy people. The way it works is to take something that belongs to us, whether button, pen or other, and then chant the spell on the object. The spell that works will make the victim feel great pain, even able to paralyze the entire body and break the vital parts of the victim that led to a tragic death.

In addition to the two previous magic, you also need to know about Kiyuku. This is the name of a tribe in Africa and is a fraction of Murci and Dassanech. Kiyuku looking for a place by moving from the African region. The form of this magic is Kiyuku Dancer or Kiyuku dance. Local people themselves do not know clearly what is meant by the dance. Some say it is magic to bring down rain, bring a plague, some even say that these people can turn a desert into the snow.

Finally, there’s the Bulgarian Mystery. It is a collection of Bulgarians who possess high-level long-distance magic. This magic was used for the seizure of territory in the era of regional division in Eastern Europe. This form of magic is in the form of a song called “Malka Moma”. Malka Moma which is sung in a high tone is unique magic and is different from other tribes in the world. Reportedly, this Moma Malka can break and destroy the senses and vital organs of its victims. But, now this magic is not there anymore. Malka Moma is currently only used as a culture of Bulgarian society in certain traditional ceremonies that use songs as a condition and not to carry out a magic attack on others.