Maintaining Health Starts At Home

Every person has a different immune system. Changing weather and seasons and patterns of life significantly affect one’s health. The environment also contributes to affect health, such as dirty environmental air. Starting from home, maintaining air cleanliness is a must. With hvac Columbia SC, you can consult about air complaints through the maintenance of air conditioners in your home.

Then, besides doing AC maintenance, what needs to be done?

– Replacing the air filter on the AC
The screen on AC is the dirtiest part of AC. This is because the filter or air filter is a place to collect dust and pollutants from the room outside the room. Therefore try to clean the screen on the air conditioner routinely.

– Opens a window every day
The presence of ventilation at home can make air circulation in the house more smoothly. Try always to open the window should be during the day when the air conditioner is not turned on. This is so that the dirty air in the house can move out, and the room feels fresher.

– Make sure the house is clean by cleaning it thoroughly
The corners of the room, carpets, and curtains can be a place for gathering dust and dirt. Therefore, use a vacuum cleaner to ensure soil is gone and reduce the accumulation of dirt and mold. Perform routine cleaning every week.

– Placing plants outside the home
The presence of plants in the house can be a source of oxygen for the body. But on the other hand, plants are also at risk of triggering the development of mold that can be a source of pollution in the house. If you are prone to allergies, you should not store plants in the house.

To carry out maintenance of your home air conditioner, trust the hvac Columbia SC.