Prime Over John Deere’s Fire Pump

The experience of being a mechanic has many challenges, many new things to be found, new units and brands, this time mechanic wants to share the experience of reviving John Deere fire pump. You could also do that with the help of john deere tractor repair manuals pdf. Prime over from the fire pump is branded John Deere, an engine unit that is familiar in the world of the oil and gas industry, this engine unit is also widely used as a tractor prime mover in agriculture and plantations. The engine unit is reliable and low maintenance, the unit is also simple, not too complicated because there are still many conventional fuel systems used, electrical is only used for sensors and safety devices.

Starting from getting offers from vendors that don’t make sense, so why don’t you fix it yourself, after all, it’s only a small unit. The work begins with estimating what work will be done, how much it will cost to equip this unit so that it can get back up and running, how much time it will take to make it roar again as if we had an engine. After that, we submit the estimate to the management team to study and compare it with the vendor’s offer, and it turns out that the estimation from the mechanic makes sense, and the work continues. and the following is the mechanic do, this could happen with different brands.

Then work on technical matters in the field, the fire pump unit is lifted and placed separately from other units to begin test running work. Remove the coupling cover, the engine with the pump, this is intended so that we can see the clutch construction, it must be removed all or only partially. Remove the coupling so that we are free to rotate the engine and have nothing to do with the pump, because the pump will probably be stuck for too long the unit is not rotated, and it could be that the packing/seals on the pump die hard due to age.

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