6 These Signs Show If You Are experiencing Depression

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with your days? Are there many things that haunt your mind? Sleep is not sound, eating is bad and feelings are always anxious. If you experience this, do not be overlooked let alone ignored. Uncomfortable feelings and excessive anxiety can be a sign that you are depressed. If you are in a state of depression, especially after you experience something very sad, immediately go to counselling North London and find advice from experts there so that your depression is not prolonged.

Depression can be fatal if not treated quickly. Depression even increases the risk of various deadly diseases and even greater risk of suicide. Whether we realize it or not, there are some signs that can indicate that a person is under severe stress or depression. These signs include the following:

Eat more or less than usual
Not because the program is fattening the body or diet, but you eat more or fewer portions than usual. People who are depressed can experience an uncontrolled increase in appetite or a drastic decrease in appetite.

You Prefer to Be Alone
People who prefer to be alone, don’t socialize well and are reluctant to meet other people are more likely to experience severe stress or depression. Not only like to be alone, people who are depressed will also sleep longer than usual. Even though he knew that he was only pretending to sleep and thought about many things in his mind.

Small things are very disturbing
People who are depressed will feel uncomfortable with anything around them. Small things that are actually ordinary and even entertaining will feel very disturbing, irritating and emotional. If you feel this way, reorganize your feelings and avoid depression.

You Fail Focus and Difficult to Concentrate
Depression is also indicated by signs of failure to focus and difficulty concentrating. Forgetting deadlines, cranky, difficult to make decisions, hesitant, do not want to listen to the advice of others and can not think more calmly is a sign of depression that often occurs around us.

No longer Like Hobbies
What are your hobbies? Are you still happy and comfortable with your hobbies? If you already feel bored, uncomfortable and even hate your hobbies, this can be a sign that you are depressed. People who are depressed generally cannot enjoy their days happily. He also could no longer be comfortable and like his hobbies.

Easy to Panic and Worry
The little things around you often make you panic and worry is a sign that you are most likely depressed. Feeling panic and anxiety is actually a natural thing. But, if this goes too far this will make you vulnerable to depression.

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